‘After the Abrogation of Article 370 in J&K, there has been development, especially in regions like Shopian’

Srinagar: While there has been many discussions and political debates, following the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, several positive changes in terms of progress has been noticed in J&K. Zee News visited Kashmir to know about the latest developments there.

The development of Shopian district

The Shopian district of Kashmir has been one of the worst-affected areas of the region when it came to terrorism. However, the past few months saw a change in situation with the region showing signs of progress. First, the entire 45+ population has been vaccinated with the first dose of COVID vaccine. A new hospital, Shadab Hospital, has come up in this Shopian area. Faizan, an administrator at the hospital, says that it has a total of four floors.

Talking to Zee News, Faizan said that the government is paying attention to the development of Jammu and Kashmir. A sense of awareness is being created among the people and they are being taken advantage of government schemes. Shopian’s daughters are also coming out of their homes to work. 

‘Daughters are stepping out to work’

Many young women working in his hospital are also from this area. One such woman, Ayman Amin, shares, “I work here at the hospital. It is good that I get to work in my district and there is no need for me to go far away from home. My family is proud of me. They feel that the daughter should also work.”

This has come as a pleasant surprise as not long back, Shopian district had been infamous for  frequent stone-pelting incidents. As situation became dangerous, many families didn’t let their girls step out. While some were made to sit at home and do their studies, many were married off young. But there are signs of change now, two after the abrogation of Article 370. More and more girls are now going out of their homes and working outside.

Change is visible everywhere

These signs of change are visible everywhere in Shopian. Earlier, the main market would frequently be surrounded by security forces. In 1989, 55-60 grenades were thrown there. Many in the region now admit that now people’s thought process also seems to be changing. 

The security forces have also played an important role in changing the mindset of the youth along with the local administration. Social activist Mohammad Mansoor says that many officers have contributed a lot in bringing about the change in the area. SP City Sanjeev Chaudhary would often take the misguided youth under his wings, encouraging them to tread the rght path and join the mainstream of the country. And as Mansoor points out, the end result is that the areas which was known for stone-pelting incidents, is now focusing on education and employment of its youth.

Employment opportunities for youth

Muzaffar Bashir, who lives in Shopian, shares, “I live in Shopian. I was unemployed from 2011 till now. This year, I have managed to take loan for a dairy unit through IDDS scheme. Ther area faces a shortage of milk supply and this is a great business opportunity for young people like me.”


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