Artists in Jammu and Kashmir welcome film policy initiative

Srinagar: The artists of Jammu and Kashmir have welcomed the government’s film policy initiative in the union territory. The valley used to be among the favourite destinations of Bollywood filmmakers to shoot their films and songs. Now with this initiative, the artists in the valley are hopeful that there will be more and more shoots taking place in the valley.

“I would like to hail the J&K administration for film policy. The policy will not only help filmmakers from Kashmir or the country but everyone across the world. The shooting would be easier now and I am very happy about it. I thank the Lieutenant Governor for this step. It will also help promote tourism and the handicraft industry. The whole economy will be benefited,” said Said Mushtaq Ali, an actor and filmmaker.

The government is also going to set up the Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Corporation in the union territory. This will help rope in more and more Bollywood filmmakers to shoot in Jammu as well as in Kashmir. The Corporation would be associated with the tourism department. The local artists also are pushing for making local films and hoping to revive the local film industry as well.

“This will be very beneficial for the local artists. We won’t have to go to Mumbai for auditions but it will happen here. This will help all the tourist stakeholders as well. We also need to know how much the government can help. We have to make sets also and we need support from the government. We need to work on making films in the Kashmiri language as well,” said Ajaz Rah, an actor.

LG Manoj Sinha has said that there would be a film festival in Jammu and Kashmir as well.

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