Biggest contribution of local languages and Hindi was during freedom struggle, says Amit Shah

New Delhi: Ahead of Independence Day, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday (August 10, 2021) said that the biggest contribution of the local languages and Hindi was during the freedom struggle. While chairing the 36th meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language, Shah said that during the freedom movement, importance was given to languages ​​by India’s great freedom fighters and they were aware that English should not be dominant, that is why today all Indian languages ​​are rich.

The Union Home Minister stated local languages ​​are also prosperous and day by day the official language Hindi has also been enriched. He said that neither the original script nor language has survived in many countries, but he is proud that after Independence, India has preserved and the dialects that were there and saved as many languages ​​as they were. 

He also said that at the same time, all the scripts are also progressing under the auspices of Devanagari and that this did not cause any rift in the unity and integrity of the country. Shah expressed that the local languages ​​and the official language (Hindi) have worked to unite the country. 

Shah said that there should be an environment in which the development of Hindi should take place easily as a friend of local languages. He said that it should not be done through imposition and that if it was imposed, Hindi would have been rejected and would have died. 

“If Hindi has not died, it is because we never tried to impose itself,” he said.

The Union Home Minister informed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the work of translating the entire curriculum of technical education and medical education into the official language has been started and change is about to come in the country. 

“If syllabus of technical education and medical education is translated into official language, then children studying in Hindi can complete the process of medical examination and become a doctor in and they can also do research in Hindi,” he said.

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