Biker encounters bears while cycling, posts terrifying clip of furry animal chasing him – Watch

New Delhi: In what could be described as the another episode of man versus wild we see team animal as the clear winner here. In a video shared on social media, a biker cycling through the hills of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu encounters a family of bears.

The spine-chilling video was shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra claiming that the video is “sure to give everyone an adrenaline rush”.


The more than minute-long video is shot in the hills of the Nilgiris, and it shows a biker recording his journey through a narrow stretch of road surrounded by greenery on either side. He takes and turn comes to a halt as he sees a family of three bears sitting on the road. 

As his curiosity is peaked, and as he is armed with a go-pro cam, the biker – naturally- tries to go as close as possible to get more footage of the furry animals.

The bears notice his presence and wait fora beat before charging at him. The clip comes to an abrupt end with the biker turning heels and presumably running away from the animal.


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The video has been viewed over 1.36 lakh times and got over 6,000 likes. 

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