CBSE New Syllabus 2021-22: These resources will help kickstart your session

New Delhi: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has advised all schools affiliated with the Board to commence the 2021-22 session from April, and has also released the new syllabus.

Here are few go-to resources to help you kickstart your session:

CBSE Question Banks Class 10 & 12 Chapter wise & Topic wise Includes Objective Types & MCQ`s (For 2022 Exam).

The Oswaal CBSE Question Bank is the perfect value addition to your list of resources.The salient features of this book are: Assessment and Evaluation- This book has previous years Board`s examination questions with Board Marking Scheme answers, the latest solved papers with handwritten toppers answers sheet.

Exam Prep Aids: Right from Revision Notes to help in summation of all learned concepts, Commonly Made Errors cautioning students against most routinely made mistakes to Answering Tips that give an overview of how to approach each question, the book is a wonderful companion in aiding a reader`s learning journey.

Assessment Variety: Equipped with unit-wise Self-Assessment Tests for practice to Academically Important questions are highlighted, which are highly expected in the exam, to inclusion of the latest solved paper with handwritten topper`s answer sheet – all of this enables students to self-test and learn themselves constantly, and makes them self-sufficient.

Here is the recommended link for CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22: 

Class 10: 

Class 12:

NCERT Exemplar (Problems – solutions) Class 10 & 12 (For 2022 Exam)

Strictly based on the latest NCERT Exemplar edition, the Oswaal NCERT Exemplar series aims to help the students develop problem-solving skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for competitive examinations.

Learning tools: Right from Revision Notes to facilitate quick revision of chapters, Tips & Tricks for attempting questions in minimum time to Mind Maps for concepts clarity, these books have inbuilt learning tools for concept clarification.

NCERT/CBSE Pull-out Worksheet Class 10 (For 2021-22 Exam)

The Oswaal NCERT/CBSE Pull-out worksheet series is based on the latest syllabus & question paper design issued by the Board. This book is a comprehensive preparation resource for every chapter, ensuring full concept revision.

Here’s the recommended link for CBSE One All: 

Class 10: 

Class 12:

These are some of the must-have resources for students in their learning and examination preparation journey. These books offer concept building, assessment checks and have a host of pedagogical features that make learning enjoyable.

(With inputs from news agency ANI)

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