COVID-19 vaccines reduced mortality by 81%, ICU stay by 66%, says study based on insurance claims

New Delhi: A new study has found that COVID-19 vaccines reduced the mortality rate of patients aged 45 and above by 81 per cent and their ICU stays by 66 per cent.

The study, conducted by Star Health and Allied Insurance on the basis of insurance claims, revealed that vaccines also helped reduce the overall treatment cost of the patients.

The study concluded that there was a marked reduction in the total hospitalization expenses by approximately 24 per cent. It also showed that the average length of stay of patients was reduced by a mean of 2.1 days i.e. from 7 days to 4.9 days.

“Our study covered pan India data of the patients affected by COVID-19. The aim was to assess the medical and financial implications of vaccination. Our study concluded that the ones who had taken the vaccination had a clear advantage over the non-vaccinated as we witnessed a significant difference in parameters like hospital stay, cost of treatment and death due to infection,” Dr. Madhumathi Ramakrishnan, Joint Vice President Star Health and Allied Insurance said in a statement.

The study revealed that the average cost of hospitalization of the unvaccinated group was Rs 2.77 lakh while the vaccinated group recorded an average cost of Rs 2.1 lakh.

The reduction in cost was due to factors like reduced need of ICU requirement and reduction in the length of hospital stay, the firm said.

The cohort study was conducted during the second wave – March and April 2021 and considered a sample size of 3,820 hospitalized patients from across India who were 45 years and above.

The firm surveyed its customers who were admitted for Covid-19 treatment in 1,104 hospitals across the country.

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