Dangerous auto-rickshaw race held on Chennai highway amid heavy traffic, watch viral video

Chennai: In a viral video, nearly five auto-rickshaws (tuk-tuks) can be seen racing, while riding dangerously close on an arterial highway near Chennai.

The Tambaram-Maduravoyal bypass, a wide stretch of highway that sees a lot of heavy vehicle traffic is where the illegal racing video was shot.

Nearly two dozen bikes are also seen riding in a rash manner in front of and behind the autos and most of the riders or pillions were without a helmet.

As is evident from the clip that was filmed by a pillion rider, the entire group of racers are not only putting themselves in harm’s way, but also posing a serious threat to other fellow read users.

Most bikers can be seen riding single-handed, while the pillions were filming the race on their mobile phones.

Watch video:

Generally, such auto races involve sums of money and betting, with the winner getting to take home anywhere between Rs 2000 and 10000.

Unfortunately, this menace of highway racing seems to have returned despite a fatal accident that occurred last year during one such race. Back then, one person had lost his life after a racing auto had crashed into a lorry.

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