Delhi Unlock: Class 10 and 12 students can attend school from THIS date

New Delhi: The schools in the national capital have been permitted to open partially for students of Class 10 and Class 12 from August 9, Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) said on Sunday. However, specified that schools, coaching centres and colleges will remain closed for teaching purposes.

As per the DDMA order, schools will open for work related to admission and practical activities for board exams. 

“Students of class 10 to 12 in the city are permitted to visit their schools from August 9 (Monday) for admission-related work including counselling, guidance and practical activities for board exam,” the DDMA order stated.

Also, health checkup camps situated on school campuses have been allowed to continue. “Health checkups and referral services situated in schools or conducted from there can resume. Children of all age may visit these centres accompanied by their parents or guardians,” the order read.

On Saturday, the DDMA allowed the opening of weekly markets across the city from Monday with conditions that the vendors and visitors shall follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. 

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