Difficult to predict when third wave will come, but we are better prepared: COVID-19 expert committee Chairman

New Delhi: Amid possible threat of third COVID-19 wave looming large, Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman of COVID expert committee, Karnataka on Thursday (July 15) said it is difficult to predict when the third wave will hit. He added that the severity of this wave also remains elusive. 

He told ANI that the government, people, hospitals and doctors are better prepared this time as compared to the previous waves. 

“It is difficult to say when the third wave of COVID will come, how severe it`ll be. I can say that our government is much better prepared now. People are much better prepared, hospitals and doctors much prepared to compare to what in the past. Also, a good number of health care professionals are immunized so they are not worried about their lives when they look at COVID patients,” the news agency quoted Shetty as saying. 

The Chairman of COVID expert committee in Karnataka also urged people to behave responsibly and follow COVID-19 protocols. “People have to respect COVID appropriate behaviour like social distancing, wearing a mask. These are the things that will protect us. If people behave in an irresponsible manner no government, no anti-biotic no vaccine can protect them. So people have to take the responsibility,” he added. 

Centre on Wednesday had warned all states and Union Territories (UTs) that if COVID-appropriate behaviour was not followed then there is a possibility that the third wave will hit India soon.  The warning came amid reports of “blatant violations” of COVID-19 norms from several parts across the country, especially in public transport and hill stations. 

Further, Shetty stressed on tackling vaccine hesitancy. “The vaccines are coming and in the few months we will have an adequate number of vaccines but the greatest challenge is vaccine hesitancy, which needs to be addressed,” he said. 

Shetty divulged that  Karnataka has created a cadre for managing children if they ever get infected with coronavirus and added that “on the whole even it happens we are in a much better position to tackle it.”

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