DNA Exclusive: Al-Qaeda’s Ghazwa-e-Hind plan vows to liberate Kashmir, hails Taliban, Haqqani network

New Delhi: The recent developments in Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over control have given a major boost to the radical Islamic terror groups which could have far-reaching consequences for India. Al-Qaeda has released a statement in which it vowed to “liberate” Kashmir.

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary on Thursday (September 2) discussed Al-Qaeda’s Ghazwa-e-Hind plan under which it aims to expand its Islamic fundamentalist ideology to India.

Al-Qaeda has said that after the independence of Afghanistan, in the second stage, it wishes to liberate Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Africa, Somalia and Kashmir. It said that Muslims in these countries are not free and are kept as prisoners.

While the terrorist group makes tall claims about Kashmir, it conveniently ignores the plight of Uighur Muslims in China and Russia’s occupation of Chechnya where millions of Muslims are being oppressed. This clearly shows that these terrorist organisations indulge in radicalisation and jihad only to fulfill their political objectives.

It is a matter of concern for India that now Al-Qaeda is planning to promote terrorism in Kashmir in the name of Jihad.

Referring to Ghazwa-e-Hind in some religious texts of Islam, it is said that an Islamic army from Khorasan would attack India. The area which is called Khorasan includes today’s Afghanistan and some areas of Pakistan and Iran.

According to the theory of Ghazwa-e-Hind, this will be possible only when radical Islam is strengthened in other parts of the world. That is why Al-Qaeda is talking about liberation of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Africa and Somalia. Afghanistan is just one part of this grand plan.

Most of the fundamentalist forces around the world believe in the Deobandi ideology including Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. This ideology emerged 155 years ago from Deoband in undivided India. Most of the Taliban terrorists have come out of Deobandi madrasas based in Pakistan.

Taliban and Al-Qaeda are natural allies. It is evident from the fact that Al-Qaeda paid tribute to the Taliban leader Mullah Mansour and Haqqani Network founder Jalaluddin Haqqani. It establishes that Al-Qaeda is connected with both the Taliban and the Haqqani network.

Many Muslims in India are also happy with what Al-Qaeda is saying about Kashmir, and what the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan. These Muslims feel that these fundamentalists will one day establish Islamic rule in India too. For these people, actor Naseeruddin Shah has shared an important message. Shah said that the celebrations for the Taliban by some sections of Indian Muslims are very dangerous. He said that the Indian Muslims should question themselves whether they want a reformed, modern Islam, or live with the old barbaric way of the past few centuries.

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