DNA Exclusive: Why do NYT need journalists with ‘anti-India’, ‘venomous mindset’ in Delhi, know here all

In recent times, we have come across several instances when it was noticed that the western media did not miss out on an opportunity to run propaganda against India. Be it the COVID-19 crisis, the farmers’ movement, the Galwan Valley dispute with China at or any riots, it has been observed that the western media puts their best efforts to malign India’s image on an international platform.

While, all this happens in the name of fair journalism and secularism, people ponder as to how such elements with low-level of journalism reach their newsrooms.

Today, we have proof that America’s renowned newspaper ‘New York Times’ released a vacancy for the post of a South Asia correspondent based out of India. The organisation clearly mentions that as a criteria the candidate should be anti-Modi and should possess an anti-India ideology.

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