Dulha falls asleep on stage with bride sitting next to him, confused baaratis try to wake him up – Watch

New Delhi: As we all know that Indian weddings are full of fun and endless rituals but it can be quite a stressful day for the bride and the groom, they spend several sleepless nights trying to get everything right for their special day. And is such moments it becomes difficult for either them to keep a track of their sleep cycle maybe falling asleep even at crucial times.

One such hilarious video was shared on the social media and has gone viral. In the clip, we see the groom fast asleep at the wedding stage even as the bride patiently sits next to her. Several people are seen trying to wake him up from his deep slumber but the groom doesn’t budge. Though, the exact reason for his deep sleep is not clear. 

The video has been shared on Instagram by Niranjan Mohapatra.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and people are curious to know the reason behind his deep slumber.

After the video went viral, many users joked that he might miss his wedding if he continues to sleep. 

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