Former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy urges Pinarayi Vijayan not to change Kannada names of villages in Kerala

New Delhi: Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday (June 27, 2021) urged Pinarayi Vijayan not to change the Kannada names of some of the villages in Kerala into Malayalam.

The Janata Dal (S) leader took to his official Twitter account to ‘bring certain issues to its notice’.

Kumaraswamy said, “It has come to my notice that the Kerala government has begun the process of changing the Kannada names of some of its villages in Manjeshwara of Kasaragod district into Malayalam. Before Kerala takes up such a process of changing the names, I want to bring certain issues to its notice. Kasaragod is a place that has close ties with Karnataka. Kannadigas, as well as Karnataka, have cultural bonding with the people of Kasaragod.”

He added that Kasaragod has remained as a symbol of linguistic harmony and co-existence.

“Though Kannada and Malayalam-speaking people are in equal number in Kasaragod, they are living in a harmonious manner. They have never quarrelled over the language issue,” the former Karnataka CM added.

Kumaraswamy said that there is a dire need to protect such harmony in the future also. 

“In today’s times marked by politics being played on emotions, it is inevitable to protect linguistic harmony,” he said.

“I feel that it is the duty of both Kerala and Karnataka to protect the traditional feelings of Kannadigas living there. Though the Kannada names of villages are being changed into Malayalam, their meaning appears to have been retained,” Kumaraswamy added.

Earlier on Sunday, Karnataka Border Area Development Authority (KBADA) chairman C Somasekhara also said that this would destroy the Kannada and Tulu culture which has existed in the region for a long.

Somasekhara also wrote a letter to Kerala PWD and Revenue Minister PA Mohammed Riyas requesting him to stall their decision of changing the names and urging them not to hurt people’s sentiments.

The KBADA Chairman stated that some local bodies are attempting to change the names of Kannada-speaking villages in the Kasargod district without any consultation with people. 

“The names of Madhuru-Madhuram, Malla-mallam, and other divine fields are also changing. In a letter to Kerala PWD and Revenue Minister, I have requested them to stall their decision of changing the names and not hurt people’s emotions,” he said.

Somasekhara said that the names of Madhuru-Idadbutaut, Maur-Mallare and other divine fields are also changing and mentioned that Karadka, Bedadka, Pllikunje, Anebagtlu, Manjeshwara, Tiosadurga, Rumble are now called Kedagam, Bedagam, Pulikunnu, Anevagil, ManJeshwarem, Pudiyakota, Rumble respectively.

As per a few reports, the local bodies of village Panchayats of Kerala are planning to change the names of other villages like Sasihitku as Shaivalapp, Nellikunja as Nellikunnu, Kumble as Kumbala, said the letter.

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