From noodles to momos: This Kali temple in Kolkata serves Chinese food as prasad

New Delhi: India is famous for its diversity in culture and religions with everyone celebrating their traditions in their own unique manner. For Hindus, one thing that is famous in temples is its prasad which is mostly ladoos or some other sweet. Have you ever heard of desi Chinese food being served as prasad in temples? If it sounds hard to digest, well, you are in for a surprise. 

As per media reports, a temple in West Bengal’s Kolkata famously known as ‘Chinese Kali Temple’ offers prasad that varies from noodles, momos to chop suey to rice and vegetable dishes. This temple is situated at Kolkata’s Matheswartala Road, Tangra also called the ‘China Town’. 

With other rituals celebrated as any other temple, this Kali shrine stands out for its unique prasad. 

As per Times of India report, this temple was created when several Chinese refugees migrated to India during the 1930s Civil war in China. Almost 60 years ago, a Chinese refugee saw Maa Kali in his dream, following which he was inspired to construct this temple with other localities. These migrants moved to Tangra, Kolkata and carried their cultural influence to the region. This place is now known as China Town. 

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