Indian Army refutes media reports claiming Chinese troops clashing with India in Eastern Ladakh

New Delhi: The Indian Army on Wednesday (July 14, 2021) refuted the media reports that claimed that Chinese troops clashed with India in Eastern Ladakh again. 

The Army said that the news article has been published with ‘uncorroborated facts’ and is strongly rebutted. They added that it is ‘riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation’. The Army further said that the news report mentioning that agreements with China have collapsed is ‘false and baseless’.

“Ever since the disengagement agreement in February this year, there has been no attempt by either side to occupy the areas from where the dis-engagement had been undertaken. There have been no clashes in Galwan or any other area, as reported in the article. The intention of the reporter is malafide and not based on any truth,” the Army said in a statement.

They added that India and China have continued with negotiations to resolve the balance issues, and regular patrolling in respective areas continues. 

The Indian Army informed that the situation on the ground continues to be as hithertofore and that they are monitoring the PLA activities, including turnover of troops.

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