Iranian girl plays ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on santoor, wins hearts on internet – Watch

New Delhi: It is the 75th Independence day from India and every single citizen is filled with the patriotic vibe and what makes this day more special is the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’, which when played, gives goosebumps to every Indian. But Indian citizens are not the only ones who feel drawn towards our incredible national anthem. 

A girl named Tara Ghahremani from Tehran is also amused by India’s national anthem and to show her respect towards India’s Independence Day, the musical prodigy from Iran has played our national anthem on santoor.

The video of the girl shared by IFS Sudha Ramen on Twitter with the caption, “National anthem in any form would give us goosebumps. Many thanks to this Iranian girl for this beautiful performance.”


The video was uploaded originally uploaded by Tara Ghahremani herself on her Instagram handle during India’s 72nd Republic Day on January 26. She posted it with the caption, “Hello everyone, This is my honor to be part of @gcpawards family and I am thankful for giving me such a great opportunity, to say as an Iranian girl that, I love all professional, kind & diligent Indians, and I appreciate your support, here and elsewhere :)ish you all the best And congrats for this SPECIAL DAY !!!”

The less than one-minute-long video, Ghahremani – dressed in pink attire sits and plays the melodious rendition of the national anthem.

The video is going viral as India celebrates its 75th Independence Day today on August 15, 2021. The video has gained more than 15 thousand views and the comment section is poured with messages appreciating the girl and thanking her for the beautiful representation of India’s national anthem on santoor.

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