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Washington: US space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) never ceases to amaze its curious admirers. This time NASA came up with data that you don’t have to observe but listen to. Yes, NASA has shared a clip of sonified images that take you to past that was 13 billion years ago. In the sonification of images, the astronomical data collected by different space telescopes are converted into sounds.

The clip shared on Instagram is a journey in the past. The video shared by the space agency shows the lights emitted by galaxies which were captured by the Hubble telescope. According to NASA the farther the galaxy, the more time its light takes to reach the Hubble. 

The US space agency wrote: “You’re listening to 13 billion years’ worth of data. The galaxies in this Hubble Ultra Deep Field image from 2014 are represented in sound! We hear a note for each galaxy when it emitted the light captured in this image; the farther the galaxy, the longer it took for its light to reach Hubble.” 

The video quickly went viral on social media sites and garnered more than 2 lakh views on Instagram. The post was filled with comments expressing the viewer’s amusement for the universe, one Insta user wrote “The orchestra of the universe,” while another wrote “Breathtaking.”

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