Love food? Check this colossal Chicken-roll, WATCH mouth-watering video

New Delhi: We all love eating great food. Food is something very important to the human psyche and has a special place in every culture. With the digital revolution in India, people are discovering great food joints which were lesser known to the public. Baba Ka Dhaba is one such example. We have a number of online content creators who are especially covering food joints. Street food is loved by many and we have a content creator who loves making videos on street food. In a recent development, this content creator has covered a two-feet-long chicken egg roll. Yes! a two-feet-long chicken roll. 

Recently, a video of this 2-Feet-Long Chicken Egg Roll was posted by a food blogger Tanish Sharma on his Instagram handle (beingtanishh) and it went crazily viral across social media platforms. This unique chicken egg roll is made using a total of 10 eggs and lots of chicken stuffing inside it. This roll is made by a street vendor whose stall is located in Delhi’s Model Town area by the name of Patna Roll Center. This roll costs around Rs 600, and a vegetarian version of this roll is also made by the food stall and it is served for Rs 400 each.

In this viral video, one can see the street food vendor taking all together six doughs and rolling them into a chapati. Then as he puts the chapati on the Tawa, he breaks a total of 10 eggs on it and cooks it for a while. Next, he adds tandoori mayonnaise sause, chicken seekh, mutton seekh, noodles, sirka wala pyaaz and tops it off with various other sauces, chutneys and spices, rolls it, and prepares to serve it. This entire preparation process is nicely shown by the creator.

The video of this amazing chicken egg roll has been viewed by over 974K views and increasing rapidly. People have posted hundreds of comments like, “Just unimaginable. Unbelievable”, “Mouth watering”, “Bahubali roll” and more.

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