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New Delhi: The first lunar eclipse of 2021 will be on May 26, but it will be a super celestial event with three lunar events will coinciding all at once; an eclipse, a supermoon and a red blood moon.

On that day, it will be the first lunar eclipse of the year 2021, with the moon’s closest approach to Earth it will be a “supermoon” eclipse and the colour of the moon will turn reddish — also known as a “blood moon”.

Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon and red blood moon: Date and time

On May 26, the eclipse will start at 4:47:39 a.m. EDT (2:17pm IST), according to NASA’s Eclipse Page. That’s when the moon touches the penumbra. The partial phase of the eclipse starts about 57 minutes later, at 5:44 a.m. EDT (3:14pm IST).

The moon enters the total phase of the eclipse at 7:11:25 EDT (4:41pm IST) and completes exiting the umbra at 10:52:22 EDT (8:22pm GMT). Last contact is at 13:49:41 EDT (11:19pm IST).

Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon and red blood moon: Visilibity in India

The super event will be visible from India but only the penumbral phase, for example, the moon rises at 6:23pm local time on May 26, and the penumbral eclipse ends at 7:19pm local time. It will also be visible for countries like Sri Lanka, western China and Mongolia. 

On a clear day observers will be able to see the supermoon throughout the night. Like all full moons, the supermoon rises in the east around sunset and sets in the west around sunrise. The total eclipse, or the time when the moon is in deepest shadow, will last for about 15 minutes.

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