Monkey calms down little chicken with a kiss, viral video melts hearts online

New Delhi: There are times in which animals can show more kindness and consideration as compared to all other sentient beings. In this particular instance, a small baby monkey is seen babysitting a little chick and even gives it a cute kiss to calm it down.

The video was posted on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda with the caption, “Loved this magical interactions of two pure souls”.

In what we can see in this short viral video clip, the baby monkey is seen sitting on a banana leaf and playing with the little chicken and keeping it closely held with one of his hands. 

Even when the little chicken tries to run away, the baby monkey pulls it towards him, kisses it, and continues to sit by hugging the chicken. 


Watching this seconds-long video of these two little creatures will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Many were quick to react to the cute couple of baby animals keeping each other company, see what they had to say:


The video went viral and garnered 7.6 thousand views from the time it was uploaded proving that netizens just cant stop re-watching it. 

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