Monkey plays on Principal’s chair in Madhya Pradesh, netizens shower love – Watch hilarious video

New Delhi: As some of us are fond of animals, others get wary of the menace they create. In a viral video from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the latter happened when a monkey occupied the principal’s chair and refused to leave. A troop of monkeys attacked the Gwalior school, while one of the mates took a fancy to the headmaster’s chair. 

While many of us have dreamt of sitting on the principal’s chair during school days, this monkey was successful at executing the feat. The video shared by news agency ANI shows the monkey playing on the seemingly new chair and tearing the plastic wrapped around it. When the school staff tried to shoo away the creature, it refused to make a move. Later, the monkey was seen hopping down the chair and joining its friends, who were creating ruckus in the school. 

One of the monkeys can be seen sitting on one of the staff members who is trying to remove it from his shoulder. 

Take a look at the mischievous monkeys here: 

The monkey videos have become an internet craze as every now and then their shenanigans go viral. Earlier, a monkey was caught drinking alcohol in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla. The video showed a monkey entering a liquor store, sitting on the counter, opening and drinking a brand new whisky bottle. People could be heard cheering for him as soon as he opened the bottle.

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