Need some positivity? Watch this ‘karate kid’ not give up on his task with ‘help’ from instructor

New Delhi: After parents, a teacher is a person who influences a child’s life the most and a good teacher can uplift the spirit of a student who is facing any trouble. One such teacher was seen encouraging his student to complete the karate task.

In the clip, a boy is seen trying hard to break an object held by the karate instructor. After some failed attempts he starts crying but his instructor does not give up and keeps encouraging him continuously. After a few moments, the boy successfully breaks the object and the people in the room unanimously start cheering.

The clip was shared on Reddit with a caption that read: “The power of positive influence.”

What makes the clip more endearing is that the boy is not only encouraged by his instructor but also by other kids and when he succeeds in his task all the kids along with the instructor hug the boy.

The video surfaced all over the social media platforms and bagged over 23k upvotes on Reddit and hundreds of comments lauding the instructor and kids.  

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