Passing out parade of 58 Gorkha Training Centre held at Shillong – In Pics

New Delhi: The Passing Out Parade of the 190th Recruit Training Batch of 58 Gorkha Training Centre was held on 10 July, 2021 at Harish Parade Ground, Happy Valley, Shillong. 

The Parade marks the culmination of rigorous Recruit training during which young boys are transformed into physically fit, mentally robust & professionally competent Young Soldiers of Indian Army.

In an impressive ceremony marked by immaculate turnout and precision marching, 130 Recruits took the ‘Oath of Affirmation’.

Gorkha soldiers

These young soldiers will now be despatched to their battalions dedicated to serve and protect the Motherland.

Gorkha soldiers graduation

The Parade was reviewed by Colonel Vibhu Vashishtha, Officiating Commandant, 58 Gorkha Training Centre who congratulated the Young Soldiers for the successful completion of their training while also exhorting them to strive to be finest soldiers of Indian Army. 

Gorkha soldiers graduation celebration

During the presentation ceremony, Recruit Ashish Roka was awarded the Overall Best Recruit of 5 GR (FF) and Recruit Rahul Singh Dhami was awarded Best Recruit of 8 GR.


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