Social Activist Pawan Monga lends a helping hand during the pandemic

New Delhi: The covid crises have hit us really hard all over India. Millions of lives have been affected during the crises situation of covid scenario.

The capital city of India has also been affected by the covid scenario and during the time of pandemic the situation has turned out to become worse as the lockdown times have made people suffer from huge financial loss and chaos in availing medical care and facilities.

When there was a scenario like this where most of us were at home and were rarely going out or meet anyone to prevent the spread of the virus.

There were some social activists that worked selfless day & night with their team in helping out the people of Delhi with the tough scenario like covid. One of those social activists has been Mr. Pawan Monga.

Being the president of the Ekta mission program Mr. Pawan Monga has volunteered in the service of thousand of Delhites in different hospitals and areas of Delhi.

Due to the situation of lockdown, there were many migrant workers that have been facing the issue of getting a daily supply of food and medical care. So Mr. Pawan Monga and the Ekta mission team have worked on setting up food distribution and medical care distribution camps in different parts of Delhi so that these workers can avail proper food and medical care facilities on a daily basis.

During the scenario of lockdown when there was a scarcity of beds and other equipment in the hospitals. Under the guidance of Mr. Pawan Monga the Ekta mission team has helped in arranging medical beds, oxygen, and other medical care for those in need and as well as they have also taken

care of that there should be proper distribution of food, water, and other resources in these hospitals for the people in need.

In this process, Mr. Pawan Monga has worked relentlessly hours on a daily basis during the tough covid time with a team of hundreds of Ekta mission volunteers.

When asked about the vision of Ekta mission program and how he sees the scenario of the covid virus and pandemic times. Mr. Pawan Monga. replied ” It has been really unfortunate to see such kind of condition in a different part of Delhi, It’s painful to see people struggling with proper food and health care needs. I have been fortunate enough to serve society in these tough scenarios with the help of the Ekta mission team. We are trying our best to help and save as many lives as we can with our resources.”

He later added ” there are so many hospitals in Delhi in which people are losing their lives as they aren’t able to receive proper healthcare and treatment. It is emotionally draining to see such kind of situation in our state. Rest we are trying our best to save as many live as we can in these tough times of covid”

Mr. Pawan Monga has proved that a true leader is someone who took the road to responsibility when there are tough scenarios and people are in need of help. The Ekta mission team alongside Mr. Pawan Monga used to work from 7 am in the morning till late midnights. Mr. Pawan Monga used to have all the monitoring for the team who is working to help people and ensuring daily that they are able to reach a daily target of distribution of food and medical care for the people in need.

When asked about the working of Ekta mission team during the covid times. he replied ” We used to have started the day as early as possible. I alloted teams at different parts of Delhi with huge loads of proper food and medical care. We used to target different areas of Delhi and try to setup up camps in different hospitals so that we are able to reach out to maximum people in delhi. Our team has also worked in distribution of food packets in slum/backward areas where mostly the daily wages worker were struggling with proper food and care. Our team used to start the day at 7 am and work till midnight”

Mr. Pawan Monga has also worked in setting up different blood donation camps and motivated youth to donate blood and help in saving thousands of lives. Social activists like Mr. Pawan Monga are a blessing to our society.

We Salute the whole Ekta mission team and Mr. Pawan Monga for helping in saving thousands of lives in Delhi during the covid scenario.

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