Surat based Gopal Goswami generously donates an Oxygen Generator Plant at his hometown, Bageshwar to cope up with the urgent need of oxygen

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a global shortage of medical oxygen, with many people scrambling to find oxygen for their loved ones. Affordable and sustainable access to oxygen has been a growing challenge in our country too, where COVID-19 has put huge pressure on health systems. Hospitals in many states had run out of oxygen, resulting in unnecessary loss of lives.

As India battled a severe second wave of the Corona pandemic, a Surat-based philanthropist and Research Scholar Gopal Giri Goswami donated an oxygen generator plant at his native town of Bageshwar district, Uttarakhand towards Covid-19 relief efforts. Gopal hails from Bamradi village in Bageshwar district. Recognising the importance of sustainable oxygen supply at his hometown, he took the onus upon himself to provide an oxygen generator plant there. Gopal came to know about the scarcity of the oxygen cylinders at the District Hospital, Bageshwar and the dire situation of people staying there. He found out that the situation was so worse that those affected with COVID-19 were unable to arrange for oxygen cylinders due to their financial limitations. To address these problems, Mr Gopal took matters in his own hands. He collected all the necessary information about the process and made all the arrangements from Surat itself. With a noble aim to help the people in his native town, Mr Gopal Giri has sent the oxygen plant from Surat to be sent to Bageshwar.

On June 12, Saturday, Mr Gopal Giri dispatched an Oxygen Generation Plant (OGP) worth Rs 38 lakh from Surat, Gujarat to Bageshwar via Delhi. And he managed everything at his own expense. With the proper guidance and strong support of the officials of the Health Department, the Oxygen Generation Plant reached safely to its destination. In a short span of time, the oxygen plant was installed at his native village, and started soon to provide oxygen to hospital treating covid patients and those in need. The Oxygen Plant was put to immediate use and was used in providing emergency oxygen to people getting treated in hospital in Uttrakhand. 

When we spoke to Mr Gopal about this initiative, here is what he shared with us, “During the second wave, the situation in my native town got worse. At that time, my top priority was to quickly acquire oxygen concentrators and ship them to my village and save as many lives as possible. We are also providing support to hospitals to extend their capacity to treat more coronavirus-infected patients.” Over the past year, Mr Gopal has been working tirelessly and dedicatedly to provide necessities and his services to help the people whose lives have been affected by coronavirus.  Apart from the provision of Oxygen Plant, he also made it a point to send the numerous villagers and migrants stuck at different places back to their homes safe and sound.

“It is our moral obligation to help India in every way that we can during this time of need. I will continue to provide support as long as it takes to bring the situation to normal”, added Mr. Gopal.

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