Surat food stall’s Fanta omelette recipe leaves tweeple in disgust- Watch viral video

New Delhi: In this world of cut-throat competition, every eatery, food stall and restaurant is seen coming up with new combinations or twerk recipes day after day. But this time, this Surat food stall has actually crossed the line. 

As soon as the video of a Surat food stall making Fanta omelette surfaced on the internet, the tweeple flooded the micro-blogging website with disgust and funny reactions. 

A food blogger posted the video on his YouTube Channel called India Eat Mania, which later went viral on social media platforms. In the video, the blogger can be heard asking how the chef came up with the recipe, to which the chef replied “on popular public demand.”

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As if this information was not shocking enough, the chef went on to add that the shop also sells thumbs up egg, coke egg and sprite egg. Say whattt? See for yourself: 

In the video, the chef makes ‘Fanta Fry’, the sweet-and-spicy rendition of the egg dish, made with both sunny-side-up and boiled eggs together and this dish costs Rs 250 per plate. 

As soon as the video hit the web it garnered a lot of views and many netizens reshared it with hilarious reactions. It was not just the people but even Swiggy threw up a little. See what Swiggy said: 

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