TeluguStop’s Ultimate Rise to Success from Local Fame to Global Dominance

TeluguStop, a local Telugu News website based in small town Khammam in India is now on the rise to global dominance. From building a local Telugu community of news readers to a global Telugu community, has surely made itself a global outrage for the widening Telugu audiences. And why not? There are barely any credible Telugu New websites specifically creating targeted content for their convenience.

When it comes to Telugu Daily News , there aren’t many Telugu News platforms that help the Telugu community stay up-to-date. Even if you happen to find one, its resourcefulness and credibility can be highly questionable. And back in 2012, Media realised this gap was increasing at an unforeseeable force.

It was then that Media planned to launch a unique social media platform with an aim to keep all the Telugu regions connected. And that too, with the latest technological happenings within its regional circumference.

The online news platform caters to the varied requirements of Telugu readers by offering a wide variety of content. From covering news topics on reginal, crime, technology, global trends to sharing popular Telugu memes, quotes, Inspiring videos & unknown mysterious facts. TeluguStop Media has content that would appeal to the mass Telugu local audiences. Eventually, they gained thousands of Telugu News readers from abroad, especially US.

“Great content has the power to pierce through regional and geographical limitations”, says Raghu Vadlamudi, the Chief Content Editor of TeluguStop.

He also shares, “When we first started, we aimed to target news content to only the local Telugu audiences. People greatly appreciated our daily content and always asked for more. And one fine day, when we calculated our stats, the number of national and international Telugu readers took us by surprise. That’s when we knew we were doing it right and made way for them to reach us more easily and more often.” has surely gained immense fame in the Telugu community since its inception back in 2012. The news platform’s modern and user-friendly content can be said to be the major determinants of its success. Alex Rankings also mentions Media INC as one of the best online news platforms for the Telugu Community. Currently, the website has millions of readers across the globe, including the US.

Over the years, Telugu Popular Website has established itself as the greatest and the most reliable Telugu News source. Despite the growing competition, has been successful in maintaining its great reputation in the market. Their soon-to-be-launched location-based app will surely mark history for the Telugu national and international community. It will open a gateway of opportunities for both the readers and the online news company.

Now, TeluguStop has positioned itself as one of India’s most trusted online news source for several local and international Telugu communities. They empower their readers with the most interesting and newest Telugu regional updates 24/7.

Posting content that appeals national and international Telugu audiences hasn’t been very easy. TeluguStop has surely made great and impactful efforts to make its place in the local, national, and international markets. From hiring the best journalists to the best content editors, they have left no page unturned. And probably also hold the record for not missing a single opportunity to rise from evident local fame to eminent global dominance.

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