The Social Revolution: Changing Social Landscape

Over the past decade, people have moved from in-person socialization to relying on digital social platforms to stay connected and communicate. This trend has been attributed to the rapidly changing pace of peoples’ lives and as they become busier their preference for the convenience social platforms offer becomes more apparent. People prefer being connected via social platforms as the ability for people to meeting in person has reduced. They now have access to infinite amounts of information about every member in their social circle via social media.

A few years ago, social networking sites were primarily used for sharing life updates, but their role has changed drastically. While at first largely used to digitally connect with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family members; they have now become a storehouse with an abundance of information ranging from peoples’ whereabouts to current affairs worldwide, educational content, promotional videos, and entertainment bytes. All kinds of information is available at peoples’ fingertips encouraging and allowing for active engagement with each other.

As per Statista’s report, in India a person spends approximately 17 hours on social networking platforms every week, and that almost every 2 in 3 Indians who are smartphone owners are present on some kind of social media or networking sites, and actively accesses it. It further states that the number of people on social networking platforms is projected to surpass the 400 million mark by the end of 2021, and it is anticipated to grow to approximately 447.9 million people by 2023.

These statistics depict that social networking and social media are transforming the way people communicate and connect. The demand is, thus, apparent for online platforms that break down barriers and connect people in a more organic way. Research has repeatedly shown that social media has become increasingly negative, with bullying, trolling, and so much more plaguing the platforms.

The challenge to our society is that these online social platforms have created a dominant market that appeals to the masses, and there are not enough alternative options to provide a counterbalance. As such, today’s major social platforms have socialized an entire generation to expect a certain type of online experience, one that is less about picking each other up and more about putting each other down.

At ChekMarc we believe it will take a Social Revolution to change this and that this change begins with social platforms that use ethical technology to promote social good. We aim to be one of many future counterbalances that focus on creating communities that reinforce positivity, collaboration, and providing social good. This is about choices and those we have

made have prioritized positivity over negativity, sharing and collaborating over dividing, safety and privacy over monitoring and trolling, and social good over sensational bickering.

What is ChekMarc and why is it important? ChekMarc is a global online social platform that enables people to give and get guidance for free in a community where people support one another. No ads, no negativity and no promotion of fake news. If you are looking to achieve something in life or to help someone else achieve a goal, be it about fitness, health, career, hobbies, parenting or any other topic, ChekMarc provides you access to people around the world to learn from or to help. This is important because we believe that there is tremendous good that can be achieved from online social platforms promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration across geographic boundaries and across a diverse set of people. Now more than ever we need places to uplift one another.

ChekMarc answers the growing market need for a platform that is more safe, more secure, and drives organic connections with a purpose in mind. These interactions thus become more impactful in each person’s life and affirm the reason that online communication took off in the first place: it serves as a way to unite the world and break down barriers by giving everyone access to information, resources, and knowledge. The possibilities are endless when you consider a social media platform that does good for its members by putting their needs first.

(Disclaimer: This is Brand Desk Content)

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