Video: Street vendor caught mixing urine in panipuri masala water, watch viral clip

Guwahati: Panipuri is undoubtedly one of the best street foods available in India. The delicacy is loved by both women and men of all age group. However, when vendors compromise on the hygiene of the food, it raises questions of concern among the people. An offensive 20-second video has gone viral on social media where we can see a panipuri wala mixing urine with the masala water.

The panipuri vendor can be seen urinating in a mug behind his stall and adding that to panipuri water. The scene was captured in the Athgaon area of Assam’s Guwahati.

The caption of the video reads, “Shocking! A street vendor(panipuri seller) has been arrested in Guwahati after a viral, sensational video in which he mixed his urine with water and using the same water in pani puri”.

The video has accumulated 14,500 views and loads of comments. The clip has turned everyone to think twice before eating pani puri. A user commented, “This act has been caught. I fear a few other pani puri vendors across India will be doing the same. What about the rest? They would certainly be blamed and would suffer miserably”.

Another user commented, “Disgusting we never know what happens in the making of street food, Better to eat at trusted street vendors”.

As per reports, the police were informed about this disgusting act and the vendor has been arrested for such a heinous act. 


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