Viral news: Man uses glue instead of condom during intercourse, ends up dead

New Delhi: A youth from Gujarat reportedly died after using a strong adhesive to glue his private parts during intercourse. The 25-year-old was getting intimate with a female friend when they realised that they did not have condom so they used an adhesive to avoid pregnancy.

As per a report by The Times Of India, the incident occured in Ahmedabad’s Juhapura area on June 22. The deceased youngster identified as Salman Mirza and his girlfriend, both reported to be drug addicts, went to a hotel in the city consumed drugs and then decided to engage in sexual activity. 

“Since they did not have any protection, they decided to apply the adhesive on his private parts to ensure that she does not get pregnant,” a police officer was quoted as saying. 

Incidentally, they had adhesive on them as they occasionally used it with whitener to inhale the mixture. The adhesive damaged Salman’s organs, and he died due to multiple organ failure.

Mirza was found in an unconscious state near Amber tower the following day. A person known to him saw him lying unconscious and took him to his house. He was later dashed to Sola Civil Hospital, where he succumbed.

He was the breadwinner for his family of elderly parents and two sisters. While the police are awaiting for his forensic report. 

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