Want to become crorepati overnight? Catch this golden fish with medical properties

New Delhi: The Ghol fish is known for its medicinal value and pharmaceutical companies are known to use the fish to make dissolvable stitches. It is scientifically known as Protonibea diacanthus and is a type of blackspotted croaker fish with huge demand in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. 

The fish became the talk of the town, after a fisherman from Palghar, Maharashtra, Chandrakant Tare and his crew near Wadhwan caught over 157 Ghoul fishes which fetched them a whopping Rs 1.33 crore. Ghol fishes are rare in the area due to pollution and fishermen have to venture deep into the sea to get a good catch.

Here are some unknown facts about the Ghol fish: 

  • This fish is also known as ‘Sea Gold’ and the native to the Indo-Pacific region. 
  • They are known for their medicinal value. 
  • Pharmaceutical companies are known to use the fish to make dissolvable stitches.
  • These are considered one of the most expensive marine fish available.
  • The bladder of Ghol fish also cures kidney stones. 
  • Additionally, its heart boosts sex power and immunity.
  • Its fins are said to have medicinal value as well. 
  • They are used in wine production in Singapore. 
  • Ghol fish also contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins, which helps in maintaining eyesight. 

This fish was indeed a prized catch for Chandrakant Tare, who after a long break due to COVID-19 restriction, went fishing on August 28. He had no idea how his luck was about to turn. 

Tare and around eight crew members set off sailing for fishing on August 28 late evening. They went to Wadhwan, which is 20 to 25 nautical miles, on the boat Harba Devi. As people learned about their catch, eager buyers reportedly gathered and the fish were sold to the highest bidder, who were traders from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar reportedly.

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